EQ-5D-5L: Available modes of administration

EQ-5D-5L is designed for self-completion by respondents, and is available in both paper and digital versions. However, several other modes of administration are also available.

The currently available modes of administration are:

EQ-5D-5L Self-complete version on Paper 

EQ-5D-5L Self-complete version on PDAs/ Smartphones 

EQ-5D-5L Self-complete version on Tablets 

EQ-5D-5L Self-complete version on Laptops/Desktop Computers

Previously, EQ-5D would have to be hosted on our dedicated server. Currently, you can choose between hosting EQ-5D on your own server, or on our server.

EQ-5D-5L Self-complete version for use in REDCap 

REDCap is a web application for building and managing online surveys and databases that is mainly used in academic research.  

EQ-5D-5L Face-to-face interview version  

Mainly used when subjects are not able to read or write, or when visiting a hospital or study site. 

EQ-5D-5L Telephone interview version 

For use when subjects are unable to visit a hospital or study site.

EQ-5D-5L Proxy version 

For use when patients are mentally or physically incapable of reporting on their health-related quality of life, for instance because of severe intellectual disability or mental health problems. Two proxy versions are currently available where a caregiver who knows the patient well is asked to complete EQ-5D as follows:

o EQ-5D-5L Proxy version 1: The caregiver (the proxy) is asked to rate the patient’s health-related quality of life in their (the proxy’s) opinion.

o EQ-5D-5L Proxy version 2: The caregiver (the proxy) is asked to rate how he/she (the proxy) thinks the patient would rate his/her own health-related quality of life if the patient were able to communicate it.

EQ-5D-5L IVR system version 

For use in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems.

If you are unsure about which mode of administration to use, please contact the EuroQol Office. If a language version or mode of administration is not available, please contact the EuroQol Office.


(Version 14DEC2016)