EQ-5D-Y: Available modes of administration

EQ-5D-Y is designed for self-completion by children and adolescents aged 8-15. Proxy versions, for completion by observers, are also available.  

The currently available modes of administration are:

EQ-5D-Y Self-complete version on Paper

EQ-5D-Y Self-complete version on PDAs/ Smartphones 

EQ-5D-Y Self-complete version on Tablets 

EQ-5D-Y Proxy version 

For use when children or adolescents are mentally or physically incapable of reporting on their health-related quality of life, for instance because of severe intellectual disability or mental health problems. Two proxy versions are currently available where a caregiver who knows the child or adolescent well is asked to complete EQ-5D as follows:

o EQ-5D-Y Proxy version 1: The caregiver (the proxy) is asked to rate the child’s/ adolescent’s health-related quality of life in their (the proxy’s) opinion.

o EQ-5D-Y Proxy version 2: The caregiver (the proxy) is asked to rate how he/she (the proxy) thinks the child/ adolescent would rate his/her own health-related quality of life if the child/ adolescent were able to communicate it.

If you are unsure about which mode of administration to use, please contact the EuroQol Office. If a language version or mode of administration is not available, please contact the EuroQol Office.

Please note that the EuroQol Research Foundation is working on protocols resulting in value sets for the EQ-5D-Y. In the meantime, EQ-5D-Y data can be collected, but no value sets can be provided for this version.


(Version 14DEC2016)