Translation Process

All translation/adaptations of EQ-5D are produced using a standardized translation protocol that conforms to internationally recognized guidelines. These guidelines aim to ensure equivalence to the English ‘source’ version and involve a forward/backward translation process and cognitive debriefing. Only the EuroQol Office can give permission for a translation to be performed and translations can only be stamped as official if they are performed in cooperation with EuroQol reviewers.

How to proceed?

If you require a version that is not available, please first check with the EuroQol Office to ascertain whether the version is in progress. If the version is not in progress and you are interested in getting the version (or versions) translated, the policy of the EuroQol Research Foundation is that you use a specialist agency to carry out the work. The EuroQol Office will refer you to their preferred agencies who cooperate with the Foundation regularly and are aware of our requirements. 

Please remember that copyright of all translations remains with the Foundation.