Translation Process

All translation/adaptations of EQ-5D are produced using a standardized translation protocol that conforms to internationally recognized guidelines. These guidelines aim to ensure equivalence to the English ‘source’ version and involve a forward/backward translation process and cognitive debriefing. Only the EuroQol Executive Office can give permission for a translation to be performed and translations can only be stamped as official if they are performed in cooperation with EuroQol Group reviewers.

How to proceed?

If you require a version that is not available, please first check with the EuroQol Group Executive Office to ascertain whether the version is in progress. If not, and you wish to co-operate with the EuroQol Group to produce the translation, the EuroQol Executive Office will supply you with:

  • The EuroQol Group's translation guidelines.
  • An agreement outlining the process and expectations in regard to the co-operation.
  • The UK English source version in a standardized layout for incorporating the new translated text.
  • The EuroQol Group's "definition of EQ-5D concepts" document.
  • An example of an earlier translation report.

It is strongly recommended however that the work is co-ordinated by an agency specializing in the translation and/or adaptation of health questionnaires, with good contacts in the countries concerned. Please contact the EuroQol Executive Office for more information and recommendations.

Finally, please remember that no translation or adaptation can be given official status by the EuroQol Group unless the process has been co-ordinated by the EuroQol Executive Office in co-operation with the EuroQol Group reviewers.