Before 1995, membership of the EuroQol Group Association consisted of a number of research teams based in several different European countries. As the composition of these teams changed, so did the membership of the Group. After 1995, it was agreed that membership would be determined on an individual basis.

New members

Membership of the EuroQol Group Association is reserved for those who actively support the work of the EuroQol Group and make a positive and sustained commitment to it (e.g., attendance and scientific contributions to the EuroQol Annual Plenary Meetings, participation in Working Groups) . Those seeking to become members or to renew their lapsed membership may be invited to provide evidence of active involvement in research or other aspects of the Group's work, and to provide a statement of their future intentions. Your application should address each of the following but please note that not all of these points are obligatory for membership:

  • List of papers presented at EuroQol Plenary conferences on which you were an author, as a 3 year participation at the EuroQol Plenary meetings is preferred. Please indicate for each what your contribution was to the paper or poster.
  • List of other EuroQol-related publications (journals; reports; online working papers or books; please do not include unpublished manuscripts)
  • List of research grants (both EuroQol Research Foundation and external funders) awarded on EuroQol-related research. For each, please indicate whether you are Principal Investigator or Co-principle Investigator and what your role was
  • Describe any other ways you have been active in supporting the work of the Group.
  • A brief description of any research related to the Group you are currently engaged in.
  • A brief statement about your future plans to undertake research or other work relating to the Group. For example, grant applications currently being prepared/under consideration; papers currently being written; future research areas; other areas of activity.
  • A brief statement explaining why you wish to become/continue to be a member of the EuroQol Group, and why the it would benefit from your membership.


Applications for EuroQol membership will be permitted after the yearly fall EuroQol Plenary meeting and January 15th of the following year.   Additionally, if you are interested in attending an upcoming EuroQol Plenary meeting please contact the EuroQol Executive Committee via the EuroQol office.